T&M Technology Solutions is a one stop shop for anything with a power button. We remove viruses, install home theatres, construct secure home networks, build computers from the ground up, or just about anything else that you can think of. With over ten years of experience in the technology field the service that T&M Technology Solutions can provide is unlike any other. We will work faster and cheaper than any of the competition, and make sure you are completely satisfied and educated while we do it.

T&M Technology Solutions was founded in early 2013 by Kennon Maddox and James Tomassoni, recent graduates of Towson University. After working for other technology repair and support companies and being unhappy with the services offered and the prices for services, T&M was founded under the motto, "Cheaper, faster, better, smarter" than any of the competition out there. We wanted to run a company that could be responsible for almost anything electronic; whether it be a TV or Video Game console, or a completely custom computer with wireless network, or a luxurious home theatre install, T&M Technology Solutions can create a solution for any budget.

We do house calls, phone support, offer warranties for services provided and discounts for referrals. T&M Technology Solutions is primarily a customer service company, with emphasis on technology support. We pride ourselves on our ability to always return calls prompt and professionally, as well as be in constant contact during a project to always keep the customer in the loop.
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